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aswer the following questions (Ch 7&8)
Ch7-Explain the role hedonistic thinking played in the origins of Stoicism.
Ch7-How did cynicism influence stoicism? Be specific.
Ch7-What is the relationship of Socrates to Cynicism and Stoicism?
Ch7-How are logos and fate related in stoicism?
Ch7-Identify and discuss possible problems with the stoic notion of fate.
Ch8-Compare and contrast the classical worldview with the medieval.
Ch8-What basic conditions led to the development of Christian philosophy? Where did the need for interpretation come from?
Ch8-In your own words describe the chief characteristics of Scholastic scholarship.
Ch8-In what ways s the medieval scholar the forerunner of the modern professor?
Ch8-Which of the Five Ways do you think is the weakest? Explain Why.

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