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I need assistance writing a paper about an art work, as well as comparing it to another work of art discussed in class.

It would be great to have this completed by the morning !

The first image named Bernini David is the work of art I want to compare the second image to. The second image is the one I have photographed. The guideline to the paper is as follows,


You must choose a work of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. To select your work of art, visit the Met’s website:  https://www.metmuseum.org/ (Links to an external site.).

You may choose any work of art from the museum, as long as it was created between 1450 – present and belongs to an era, culture or movement that we cover in the class (in Modules 1 – 15). It must also be a work of Western Art which includes the art that we cover in Modules 1 – 15. It does NOT include art from Asia, Africa, Native North America, South America or Oceania. Check with me if you are unsure.


Visit the museum and observe the artwork in person.  Take a selfie with the work of art. (Worth 5 Points)  Be sure to take notes on your work of art.  You will need to know the name of the work, the name of the artist, the date created, the medium and the dimensions.  In addition, you should note your personal observations about the work.  You should make notes about color, composition, line, texture, content, iconography, the movement the work is a part of (Cubist, Surrealist, etc.) and anything else you may deem interesting or important.


Once you’ve observed your artwork in person and taken notes on your observations, you will write your paper. It must be a minimum of 1,000 words. This is a research paper. Your research and observations should be illuminated by the class lectures and readings as well as outside sources (Internet sites, scholarly journals, books, etc.) You can find resources at the Library (Links to an external site.).  I suggest using the database JSTOR (Links to an external site.).  You may need to log in using your MSU credentials and then you’ll find many helpful articles to use as sources for your research. Remember to properly credit your sources. Please use MLA format. If you are unsure about how to cite your sources, refer to: MLA Formatting and Style Guide (Links to an external site.).

A typical paper will spend the first part giving background about the artist and the style/movement to which your selected artwork belongs (ie. Renaissance art). In the next part of your paper you will describe your artwork from the museum in detail using at least 5 vocabulary terms learned in class (ie. sculpture in the round, complementary colors, etc.). You will first describe the form and then address the content (iconography, narrative, etc.). You may also want to talk about the artwork’s significance – how it may be a political statement or shows an innovative style, for example.

In the rest of the paper you will compare/contrast the artwork to an artwork that has been discussed in our class (either in my Lectures or in the textbook). You should select a work of art that is more similar than different (in terms of similar time period and/or similar iconography). You will discuss how the works are similar and then how they are different, mentioning at least 3 ways they are the same and 3 ways they are different. You should write at least one page for this comparison (five paragraphs). Remember, the best comparisons have more similarities than differences. Your comparison can come from any Module in the class (Modules 1 – 15).

The paper should be double-spaced and 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Arial and a minimum of 1,000 words. Your paper must include a Works Cited page at the end. You must include images of your museum artwork, your comparison artwork and your selfie taken at the museum with your artwork. . You may attach separate images of your chosen artworks as .jpg files or the images can be embedded directly into the paper.

I DO NOT ACCEPT .odt files or .wps files or google docs.

I accept .jpg, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .pages files ONLY


1. Minimum 1,000 words.(The title, your name and the Works Cited do not count toward the word total.)

2.Your selected artwork must be Western Art that was created from 1450 – present and from an era, culture or movement that was covered in the class (in Modules 1 -15).

3. A comparison artwork from class must be included. Talk about 3 ways the comparison is the same and 3 ways it is different.

4. A Works Cited page must be included at the end of your paper. Include a minimum of 3 outside sources (other than the Lectures and the textbook), including 1 source from a scholarly journal.

5. Images of your museum artwork and your comparison artwork must be included.

6. A selfie of yourself with the artwork at the museum must be included. (Worth 5 points)

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