Approaches to Decision-Making Paper

Approaches to Decision-Making Paper PHI410 Week 2 Assignment Instructions   In this writing assignment, you will distinguish the approaches a consequentialist, an ethical egoist, and a rule utilitarian take gave a specific scenario. Step 1: Read the scenario. Imagine that you are a medical doctor located in a remote village in which a highly contagious and deadly case of […]

Implication for Value-Based Healthcare Reform

Implication for Value-Based Healthcare Reform Responses to classmates must consist of at least 350 words (not including the greeting and the references), do NOT repeat the same thing your classmate is saying, try to add something of value like a resource, educational information to give to patients, possible bad outcomes associated with the medicines discussed […]

Clinically Based Decision-Making Model

Clinically Based Decision-Making Model Overview: This module introduces various models created to facilitate approaching the implementation of an evidence-based practice change systematically. There is recognition of the inherent challenges of implementing evidence-based practice in the clinical practice environment. Several models are described in detail and can be utilized to assist clinicians in changing practices based […]

Developing a Holistic Plan of Care

Developing a Holistic Plan of Care Utilizing the information in orders Id 140567, Id 140615, id 140616, id 140641, regarding the specific illness group (Diabetes), create a plan of care for this chronic illness group. Include the following in your plan: • Provide a brief introduction describing the chronically ill group you selected and the […]

Strategies for Disseminating EBP Paper

Strategies for Disseminating EBP Paper As your EBP skills grow, you may be called upon to share your expertise with others. While EBP practice is often conducted with unique outcomes in mind, EBP practitioners who share their results can both add to the general body of knowledge and serve as an advocate for the application […]

Preliminary Data for Statistical Analysis

Preliminary Data for Statistical Analysis This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to define a business problem and variables, and to collect preliminary data for statistical analysis. In this topic, you will begin a group case study assignment that will continue through Topics 2, 3, and 7. Preliminary Data […]

Exacerbation of COPD Assignment

Exacerbation of COPD Assignment Differentiate between a focused and complete assessment with regards to this scenario. A 70 y.o. the patient is admitted to the medical-surgical unit with an exacerbation of COPD, complaint of SOB, and a persistent cough over the last three days. The nurse enters the room to complete an assessment and determines […]

Ethical Codes and Regulations for Nursing

Ethical Codes and Regulations for Nursing Overview: This module summarizes the use of ethics in research and the regulations that govern the research process. Various sets of ethical principles that guide healthcare practice are described in detail. The four core ethical principles of beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, and fidelity are defined in the context of ethical […]

Ethics and Evidence-Based Research

Ethics and Evidence-Based Research Assignment: Ethics and Evidence-Based Research Write a 1250-1500 word essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. There should be three main sections, one for each bullet below. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows […]

Does Technology Threaten our Democracy

Does Technology Threaten our Democracy Wk 3 – Rough Draft [due Tues] Assignment Content In this assignment, you will create a minimum 525-word rough draft of your persuasive essay. Review your thesis statement and research you gathered in Weeks 1 and 2 before beginning. Be sure to note any feedback from your instructor about changes […]