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Final Paper

This page is the assignment page for the Final Project for this class. Per the syllabus, the premise of the final project is the following:

It’s no secret that Washington State is the center of the tech industry renaissance outside of California’s Silicon Valley or NYC’s Silicon Alley. Though the presence of those companies here in the Seattle-Tacoma Metro Area has both been the cause of massive economic growth and the cause of social growing pains. In this fast-growing metropolitan area, cities are struggling to address this growth.

Your question is: What is one policy that would contribute to effectively addressing housing, transportation and/or economic development issues equitably amidst the tech boom? 

In this assignment, you are expected to create a  power-point presentation and a report that details your approach to solving this problem. I understand this won’t be perfect but, your presentation cannot exceed 12 slides in length, including the bibliography.

The report must be a minimum of 700 words and it must also include a bibliography. The two bibliographies will have some overlap yet, the one for your report would- in theory- be more extensive.

Your must include a bibliographies must be formatted using APA ctiation style with each. See the style guide here (Links to an external site.).

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