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HA415 Unit 3 Discussion (1)

Are demographic characteristics relating to healthcare interrelated, or should they be addressed separately from a policy perspective? If you are trying to reduce the number of uninsured, do you believe the focus should be on altering insurance programs or changing the effect of having one or more of these characteristics? Whose responsibility is it to reduce the number of uninsured? Government? The private sector? Individuals?

Renponde in APA format, use for your answer

TEXTBOOK INFORMATION Title: Essentials of Health Policy and Law

Edition: 3rd (2017) Author: Teitelbaum, Joel and Wilensky, Sara

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Book

ISBN: 9781284162585

Ebook ISBN: 9781284158793

Chapter 4: “Overview of the Health Care System”

Chapter 5: “Public Health Institutions and Systems”

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