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Your goal will be to write at least three body paragraphs (the second, third, and fourth paragraphs) of the essay you are planning to submit by the end of Week 5.

Your objective for Week 3 is to produce the body of the essay.  Remember, you will be appending these body paragraphs to the introductory paragraph developed during Week 2.   Step 1.  Plan and write at least three body paragraphs using the strategy and advice from Kathy Livingston at https://is.gd/vL4KQg.  Also, Paragraph Structure from Week 2’s reading may be helpful.   Step 2. Verify each body paragraph is fully developed, connects directly back to the introduction paragraph (and most significantly) to the thesis statement.  The website, https://is.gd/f8uS6P, contains an excellent way to check the composition of body paragraphs.   Step 3.  Integrate the introductory paragraph (from Week 2) and body paragraphs into a single document. Be sure that your introductory paragraph flows easily into your body paragraphs!   Further, APA formatting requires the draft be double-spaced and the first sentence of each paragraph utilizes a half-inch indent.  You may learn about indentation in Microsoft Word at https://is.gd/e6B67Y.  Moreover, you may learn about double-spacing in Microsoft Word at https://is.gd/crqF

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