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Professional Development Plan

Alejandro Medina Bauza

Fortis College



Short-Term Goal

Short-Term Objectives

Long-Term Goal

Long-Term Objectives

Current Position

Current Position

State what your current position is and evaluate your present position in relation to these goals.

Experience and Skills

Create a list of your current experience and skills

Strengths & Weakness



Areas of Concern

Plan of Action

Short-Term Plan of Action

Prepare a plan of action to achieve your goals

Long-Term Plan of Action

Prepare a plan of action to achieve your goals



The new nurse may focus on time management, multitasking, and prioritizing. The nurse may feel overwhelmed when caring for patients independently. Having this new responsibility may feel too stressful and can affect the confidence of the nurse. The nurse may doubt or question their ability to care for another individual if the tasks are unclear or unrealistic.

Identifying short term goals allows the nurse to remain focused on the task. When making these goals they should reachable and realistic. If the nurse sets an unrealistic outcome or time frame the nurse may feel disappointed when the expected outcome was reached. This can strongly impact the nurse. A sense of failure may also occur and is not desirable and can pose as a barrier for the nurse if unable to overcome it. The nurse may decide to embark on a new quest as going back to school to further education. Staying competitive in today’s society may be important for the nurse

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