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In your own words, define epidemiology. What is the use of epidemiology in community and public health?

Do you believe the government has a responsibility to study the effects of lifestyle choices associated with chronic disease (like tobacco and alcohol abuse or unhealthy diets)? Why, or why not?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”



Epidemiology is the science of community and public health. It is the study of health in regards to community and public and helps with the planning of prevention and to control interventions. In my opinion, I do feel the government should have some responsibility to study the effects of chronic disease, but in all honestly its the individual responsibility how he or she makes life choices.  Chronic diseases come in all type of forms whether its hypertension, smoking, heart disease, alcoholism, or unhealthy lifestyles, it is solely up to the individual to make right choices,eating healthy, and living a longer life.

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