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Social Service Agency (SSA) is a sectarian family service agency that provides counseling, family life education and other public service education programs to the community. It was founded by its major funding source, a sectarian fundraising and allocating organization called the Community Planning Agency (CPA) and remains a division instead of a separate agency. When considering the separation of the SSA from the CPA many things must be considered such as the legal, financial, and political ramifications. This case study explores an organization’s complex web of stakeholders, interests, and dependencies. Submit a 2page paper analyzing stakeholder conflicts. Answer the questions at the end  in essay form. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources and two ethical standards from the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals ethical code to support your response. Please write in APA format.

What would you recommend re-garding the separation of the two agencies and why?

How would you present your recommendation to the CPABoard to maximize a positive vote for your case?

What do you see as the major advantages and disadvantagesof separation to both agencies?

If separation were not recommended, in what other wayscould the Social Service Agency simplify its present complexdecisionmaking structure?

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