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I have 2 discussion questions. Both 1 and 2 questions has to be answered with 1000 words or more free of plagiarism and in APA style referencing.

1. Based on the American “constitution,” which internal and external stakeholders, in the policy making process, possess “constitutional legitimacy” for their role in making public policy? Do entities with explicit power have more influence than those entities with implied powers in making public policy? Should they? Why or why not?


2. Accountability and ethical conduct are important concepts in public administration. In Tennessee, recent political stakeholders and some bureaucratic stakeholders have been caught up in various scandals (Operation Tennessee Waltz, Operation Rocky Top etc.). Based on the readings, what could Tennessee do to make political and bureaucratic functionaries more accountable?

Do these 2 questions separately. Do not answer them together because they are for 2 different weeks. I just need them done by this Saturday 06/14/2014. The books used for this course are “Public Administration in America” by Michael E. Milakovich and George E. Gordon 11th edition, 2013 and “Classic of Public Administration” by Jay M. Shafritz and Albert C. Hyde 2012.


These have to be done in APA style and citing. Both have to be done with 1000 words or more each. I need them done by 06/14/2014. I am willing to pay $15 for each.

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