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MANAGEMENT 674 WEEK 5 Discussion Questions

Carter Cleaning Company Pg. 418

1.       Is the company at the point where it should be setting up a formal salary structure based on a complete job evaluation? Why?

2.       Is Jack Carter’s policy of paying 10% more than the prevailing rates a sound one, and how could that be determined?

3.       Similarly, is Carter’s male-female differential wise? If not, why not?

4.       Specifically, what would you suggest Jennifer do now with respect to her company’s pay plan?

Carter Cleaning Company Pg. 458-459

1.       Should this pan be extended to pressers in the other stores?

2.       Should other employees (cleaner-spotters, counter-people) be put on a similar plan? Why? Why not? If so, how, exactly?

3.       Is there another incentive plan you think would work better for the pressers? Describe it.

4.       A store manager’s job is to keep total wages to no more than 30% of sales and to maintain the fuel bill and the supply bill at about 9% of sales each. Managers can also directly affects sales by ensuring courteous customer service and by ensuring that the work is done properly. What suggestions would you make to Jennifer and her father for an incentive plan for store managers or front desk clerks?

Carter Cleaning Company Pg. 495

1.       Draw up a policy statement regarding vacations, sick leave, and paid days off for Carter Cleaning Centers.

2.       What would you tell Jennifer are the advantages and disadvantages to Carter Cleaning Centers of providing its employees with health, hospitalization, and life insurance programs?

3.       Would you advise establishing some type of day care center for the Carter Cleaning employees? Why or why not?

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