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Peer Review

Peer Feedback:

  1. Respond to the introduction. We have discussed and applied many possibilities for beginning a piece of writing – evaluate the effectiveness of the one the author has chosen.
  2. Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. Are the paragraphs connected and do they evolve the author’s argument?
  3. Evaluate the integration of textual evidence. Is each source fully introduced and analyzed? Are the sources cited correctly in the text?
  4. Respond to the organization of the essay (either in the text or at the end, depending on which will be most helpful to the writer).
  5. Does the author have a clearly stated position in relation to the social issue being conveyed? (ie. Does the essay do more than provide an overview of the situation?)
  6. Locate and respond to the alternative perspective included. Is it fully explained and evaluated in relation to the primary perspective and position being conveyed?
  7. Respond to the conclusion. Does the essay end in a way that is satisfying? For example, does it respond to the content in the essay or offer a plan for action?
  8. Check the works cited page for correctness.
  9. Comment on the clarity of the sentences. Locate two sentences that could be made more clear and give specific suggestions.
  10. Respond to the concern the writer expressed (#1 above)

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