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Pols101—–Electoral College—-250 Words

The electoral college creates a unique political process in Presidential elections.

  1. Play the interactive election simulation “Win the White House
  2. Read the 2012 Newsweek editorial: Votes For Sale
  3. Read the 2012 Slate editorial: In Defense of the Electoral College
  4. Submit 1-3 well developed paragraphs answering the following questions:
    • When you played the “Win the White House” game how did the winner-take-all rules of the electoral college influence your strategy? Where did you spend your time and money? How did you decide where to spend these resources? Were there states that you consciously decided to ignore? If so why?
    • How do you think that your experience in the presidentialelection simulation relates to the real tactics used by presidential candidates in the United State?
    • After completing the simulation and reading the articles, what do you think about the electoral college? Should it remain or change? Explain your answer.

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