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Power Rules

  • Agency power combines the executive and legislative  powers with respect to rule making and the legislative and judicial  powers with respect to adjudication. Pick two agencies and compare and  contrast the power each agency has in enforcing the regulations they are  asked to uphold. Discuss why it is challenging for some agencies to  enforce regulations and why it may be easy for other agencies to enforce  regulations.
  •  Evaluate Bring v. North Carolina State Bar. Apply  the court’s ruling on delegation to another situation of your choice to  determine at what point delegation should stop.

2nd d. question

“Judicial Review.” Please respond to the following:

  •  It  has been stated, “Judicial review is concerned, not with the decision,  but with the decision-making process.” Take a position on whether it  should or should not be true.  Support your position with examples or  evidence.
  •  Imagine a Libertarian is voted into the White House  at the next presidential election. Speculate what this could do for any  agency’s judicial review process.

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