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Project Proposal


  1. Title page
    1. Project title
    2. Name and student number
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Overview
    1. Purpose or objectives of this proposal
      • i. Identify the problem to be solved or need to be filled.
      • ii. What will be in scope and what is not going to be included.
      • iii. Explain how the project will be conducted. Will it be managed by embedding and tailoring PRINCE2 to suit the project or will you use /create another methodology? You should explain any alternative methodology in detail or provide some information to show that you understand the process embedding and the detail of your tailoring.
    2. Describe how you believe is the best way to measure the success of the project and explain why your suggested measures are appropriate over alternative measures.
  5. Expected Benefit sand Dis-benefits
    1. Context and analysis
      • i. To provide context, briefly explain corporate social responsibility, why your organisation might want to raise its profile and how the proposed project will align
      • ii. Provide a SWOT analysis to improve a reader of your proposal a balanced understanding.
      • iii. Provide further analysis using a weighted scoring model.
        1. You are to determine the criteria. The criteria should consider the way you would expect the success of the project will be measured
        2. To conduct a weighted scoring analysis, you will need to have an alternative to compare it with. You can create an alternative proposal if it can be quickly summarised, or your alternative could be the act of not doing the project.
      • iv. Include more context by explaining how / why you developed the idea
    2. Identify the expected benefits and dis-benefits, ensuring they are informed by the strategic context (social responsibility context you have explained above).
      • i. This paragraph is an opportunity to sell the value of your project to decision-makers.
  6. Project requirements
    1. List and describe the requirements needed to carry out this project.
      • i. Include human resources
    2. List and describe the possible assumptions for this project.
    3. List and describe the constraints for this project.
  7. Costs
    1. Estimate how much it will cost.
      • i. Breakdown to major milestones
    2. Explain how you estimated costs.
      • i. e.g. If you used a three-point method, explain what it is and show a couple of examples of how you did your calculations
  8. Major Risks
    1. Identify five (5)risks and quantify their potential likelihood and severity.
    2. Indicate how each of the above-mentioned risks will be managed
      • i. This could include, Avoid, Transfer, Mitigate or Accept, but you will need to explain what is meant by the terms that you use and why you plan to use them. You are not required to use all four.
  9. Timescale
    1. How long is the estimated time to complete the project?
    2. List and describe the major milestones.
  10. Conclusion


All statements must have legitimate references. (Harvard Style)

CHOOSING YOUR PROJECT (word limit 2000 words)

  1. Area of Study–It’s best to do something that is related to your degree program. It can also be related to your current work or profession. The reasoning behind this is that we want you to focus on Project Management and how it will relate to your area of interest.
  2. Project proposal does NOT mean a running a business

Consider hosting an event. There are thousands of charities out there that undertake some sort of clever fundraising initiatives. Google away.


You work for a large organisation that has recently introduced PRINCE2 (name of the book) as a required method for managing projects. Several policies, templates and other resources have not yet been developed, which means that you might be required in this.

Your employer wants to improve their profile as being more socially responsible and has decided to allocate up to $50,000, spent over the next 12 months to achieve this goal.

To receive the funding, the project must meet the following criteria:

  • It is to benefit a community in the Northern Territory, Australia or a target audience in the Northern Territory.
  • It is to be a unique endeavour
  • It is to be completed within one (1) year
  • It is to be limited toa budget between $25,000 and $50,000
  • It can create income; however, proceeds are to be donated the cause
  • It should relate to your area of study (degree program). (Bachelor of software engineering)
  • It is not to include additional sponsorship, grants, donations beyond the $50,000. If the organisation’s staff are required to volunteer in the project during normal work hours the opportunity costs to the organisation’s normal work must be included as an expense.

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