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Considering Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner’s lithium batteries defects beginning in 2013 and its history of other failures and delays (Research this news event), should Boeing have addressed safety issues sooner? Should the FAA have waited so long to launch a review? What ethical obligations are raised here? Support your argument with an ethical perspective.

Make sure your sources are reliable especially when using the Web.

You should clearly state the ethical problem. Define the facts. Define the audience segmented, targeted/stakeholders.

What is the harm or the possibility of harm that could be inflicted on specific audiences?

How did the organization’s management handle the situation? Using one of the ethical perspectives discussed in class or from philosophers, discuss how you would “work out” the ethical problem. Discuss the outcome of your solution and why you think it would be the “fairest” possible solution.

Use in‐text citations. Provide a separate Works Cited. Use MLA style. This paper should be from three to four pages, double spaced, using Times New Roman 12‐point type. Please Number your pages with your last name.

Please proofread your work. Poor grammar and spelling errors will affect your grade. A good proofing tactic for finding misspellings and typos is to read the piece backwards. Sometimes Spell Check doesn’t pick up all the errors. A better one is to have someone else read it!

Additional Suggestions


Problem Definition

Ethical Dilemma

Stakeholders (audience)

What players did?

What should the players have done?


Boldface subheadings so they are clearly recognized as subheadings (If applicable).





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