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Theories Journal

These are theories I have to complete a journal for by answering each question below about each theory given


Cognitive Development, Moral Development, Learning Theories, Pyschosocial Theory, and  Sociocultural Theory.

  1. Identify who or what contributed to the development of the theory. Were there key researchers or seminal research that led to the theory?
  2. Record whether the theory emphasizes nature (biology), nurture (environment), or both.
  3. Identify whether the theory emphasizes cognitive, physical, or social-emotional development (or a combination of constructs).
  4. List specific ages or stages of development identified in the theory, or note that the theory marks development as continuous.
  5. List the primary characteristics or features of the theory (its key tenets and concepts). Be sure to include if a particular period of life is emphasized.
  6. List the noteworthy strengths and weaknesses of the theory.
  7. (Optional) Include any notes that you find helpful in understanding and applying the theory, such as potential contemporary themes or fields of research in which the theory could be applied.
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