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Week 8

Your assignment this week is to complete a visual executive summary by completing a Power Point.  Your Power Point should be 10 pages and state your role (consultant), briefly discuss the problem, your research, and state your recommendation to the client. Remember to follow the Power Point Guidelines.  A portion of the grade will be based on Power Point Style.

NOTE: Government Contracting & Acquisition students should include details about a potential contract as part of the recommendations presented. Consider that one possible solution might be to use a contract to address the issue (training, buy a new product, consulting or other products or services).

The point of this exercise is to challenge you to succinctly summarize your thoughts in a visual presentation. This is a useful skill to learn. You may not always have a long span of attention from those you wish to influence, so learning to condense your thoughts into a visual presentation will be a tool you may find valuable to your future success.

Submit a minimum of a 10 page PowerPoint Executive Summary recommendation to the client.

Reminder:  Include a title page with your Power Point.  No References are required for this assignment.
Submission Instructions: Upload the Power Point to your Week 8 Assignment folder.
See rubric specific to Power Point

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